Satish C. Vyas, M.D.
ASPS Member Surgeon

Dr. Vyas has exceptional credentials as a plastic surgeon. Born a talented artist, he was trained at Wayne State University School of Medicine. The American Board of Plastic Surgery has certified him according to the highest standards of his profession.

He is a member of American Society of Plastic surgeons and Diplomat American Board of Plastic Surgery. As further recognition of his skill, he is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Wayne State University. He is on staff at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, Michigan.

Several times a year, Dr. Vyas conducts live surgical demonstrations and workshops in India, with the purpose of teaching the art and craft of plastic surgery to local surgeons. He performs philanthropic missions and surgeries in India and Philippines to serve the poor and disadvantaged. Among his many interests are Paintings, Portraits, Sculptures, Tailoring clothes, Singing in many languages of this world and Acting in dramas. One of his books of poetry was published in 2008 and another one is soon to be published.